středa 26. ledna 2011

První vlaštovky

První tašky od Dary s mými látkami jsou už v prodeji. Sluší jim to, co?

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Anonymní řekl(a)...

I love your designs!!!! and would like buy one of your mini double purses for my wife?

Do you still make them and if so what would be the cost to purchase one and have it shipped to San Francisco California, USA?

Thank you all the amazing beauty.


gkellett řekl(a)...

I would like to purchase one of your double mini purses.

Do you still make them?

ReGe řekl(a)...

Hello Greg,
Thank you a lot for the interest.
The bags you see in this post are not made by me.
If you talk about the double mini purses which I sold on Etsy, please contact me there and I will make a custom listing for you. Of course, we need to agree on how the bag should look like as I have no free available now.
Or email me at
We can discuss details. I have paypal, so you can order from me directly.

Best, Renata

Natalia řekl(a)...

Your designs are cute and beautiful! Would love to have that yellow bag :).

ReGe řekl(a)...

Natalia, thanks for your comment and interest.
These bags are not made by me, I only design the fabrics.
Please see this link.
This lady is the maker of the bags. Her English shop is closed now but soon it will be re-opened. I am sure you will find a nice bag for yourself there.